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Strategic Planning

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The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) turned fifteen, its founding members were rolling off the board, and the organization was ready for a strategic refresh.  
Blue Seats Action


The Blue Seats team engaged with SREE in 2021 to create a strategic plan. To do that, Connie and Sylvia Flowers:
  • Interviewed 22 board members, founders, student members, and partners about the organization’s purpose and opportunities,
  • Surveyed more than 300 members about their vision and priorities for the organization, 
  • Engaged with a steering committee to share vision, process, and assess recommendations,
  • Design and produce the three-year plan and an executive summary. 
Blue Seats Consulting Outcomes


SREE’s executive board has fresh new leadership, updated mission & vision statements, and an ambitious and achievable plan for 2022-24. SREE Executive Director Ellen Weiss and the Executive Board used these priorities to plan the budget, organize the work, and measure success for 2022. 
The Best Part of Our Work

The Best Part

Wordsmithing a mission statement with 10 smart, decisive, measurement pros. Working with the lovely and talented Sylvia Flowers to interview & support the SREE members. Helping an organization focus on their strengths and invite more people into their meaningful, wonky, engaging tent. 
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