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Solving Business Problems


Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) invests in growing the nation’s best charter schools. Jason Shaad, the VP and Practice Leader for Operations and Enrollment, recognized that the chief operating officers of charter schools lacked a community of practice and a place to safely connect, brainstorm, and share resources as schools emerged from the COVID pandemic. 
Blue Seats Action


Jason engaged with Connie to support this COO community of practice. Fresh off three years as the Surge COO, Connie’s experience was relevant and her resources helpful to the 8-10 COOs who gathered several times. The community shared common challenges, like developing job families for operations staff. Connie hosted 1:1 calls with COOs about specific hiring challenges, strategic planning needs, and leadership challenges.
Blue Seats Consulting Outcomes


The COOs assembled identified common concerns among their roles. They shared tools for driving equity in investment, managing up, and communicating out. CSGF invested in hosting a conference specifically for charter school COOs to connect and think ahead.   
The Best Part of Our Work

The Best Part

A one-on-one conversation with a cohort member sticks out. Helping get beyond the urgent to the strategic was the central theme. “More” work, more time, more effort was not the answer. Taking a step back to set priorities is a common challenge for those who can handle every fire.  This COO prioritized getting administrative assistance to shift her use of time. This enabled her to focus on the things she enjoyed and could uniquely deliver. That conversation brought clarity and a measure of peace to a smart, capable, servant leader.