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What We Do

It starts with one thing...What We Are Solving For?

The Blue Seats team works through complexity and confusion to identify the goal. When we know what we are solving for, we help you define a clear path forward. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and exact needs to identify the key question.

Who We Help

Connie and team work for equitable opportunities for children and communities. Our partners join us in envisioning communities where all children are valued, and where students are prepared with knowing how to learn and knowing themselves.

How We Make It Happen

By building relationships with communities who view education as a worthy investment, Blue Seats walks along with them to make the impossible possible.

We bring a rich network of partners, facilitators, designers, and SMEs to support the project vision.

Our Clients’ Perspectives

“Connie is always forward-thinking. She is not afraid to take on any problem from ground zero and build out a plan.”
Carmita Semaan, Surge Institute
“Connie was exactly what we needed: someone to dive in and ‘project manage us’ while remaining flexible and extremely comfortable with iteration.”
Katy Sauer, Still Water Foundation
“The professionalism, creativity, and efficiency of this team exceeded my expectations.”
Natalie Applegate, Educate Texas

Strategic Planning

Solving strategic problems begins with keen listening. As key strengths, challenges and perspectives are shared, Connie and team lay the groundwork for smart strategy. Coupled with research and testing to validate the direction, the planning will help you:

  • Organize the Big Ideas
  • Engage with Key Stakeholders Throughout the Process
  • Focus on What’s Important
  • Align People, Time and Money to Achieve Goals

When you need to sort through clutter and define a successful path, the team at Blue Seats Consulting brings process, data, and creativity to your strategic planning. Our team takes the complexity you’re working with and builds a clear map to the end goal.

Ready to Talk Strategy?

Interim Chief Operating Officer

We understand an organization’s need for leadership in a time of transition to

  • Plug in to your organization
  • Diagnose Issues
  • Assess Talent and Systems
  • Align or Reallocate Resources, Talent and Assets
  • Accomplish Goals

Connie has managed multi-million dollar budgets, led teams and built processes in an equitable and transparent way.

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Project Plan Implementation

Blue Seats Consulting has built out strategies for education and nonprofit organizations. Handling complex components within social sectors, utilizing:

  • Experienced Organizational Skills
  • Proactive Communication
  • Clear Visualization of Your Situation
  • Cost Estimation
  • Risk Analysis

The planning process applies Design Thinking to uncover a more creative, sustainable approach to meet your challenges.

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Building the Bench

Performance management can be the difference between achieving goals and missed opportunities. Blue Seats Consulting is experienced in helping with organizational design, role design, balanced scorecards, and recruiting for key positions.

The Blue Seats Consulting Performance Management Approach includes:

  • Understanding the Needs of the Organization
  • Developing a Process for Attracting Talent and Diverse Perspectives
  • Identifying and Screening Candidates
  • Onboarding and Compensation Planning

The Blue Seats Consulting team can assist your organization to find and onboard high-potential players.

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