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Rhode Island College prepares a third of all new teachers in Rhode Island. A 2016 teacher preparation report by the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) cited major issues in the teacher candidates’ preparation for these key functions:

  • Preparation to present rigorous and inclusive instruction
  • Readiness to work with diverse learners
  • Skills to engage parents and families

In response, Rhode Island College needed assistance to acknowledge the issues, develop improvement strategies, plan the work, and communicate the changes in its teacher prep programs.

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Blue Seats Action


The Blue Seats Consulting team worked with the academic deans of the school of education for three years to develop and implement a strategic plan for improvement, focusing on three programmatic elements:

  • Redesigning the curricula & requirements for all teacher candidates
  • Incorporating multiple courses to prepare candidates to teach multilingual learners and differently abled students
  • Updating the practicum and student teaching experiences for rigor and family engagement

Connie and team collaborated with stakeholders ranging from the college president to the state Education Commissioner to the Governor’s staff to district superintendents. Connie also worked with the three women who sat in the dean’s chair to help them plan their work, communicate their needs, and celebrate successes.

Blue Seats Consulting Outcomes


RIDE visited RIC for program review in 2019 and approved the programmatic updates made for the teacher preparation programs.
The Best Part of Our Work

The Best Part

While COVID-19 altered the 2019 visit, the preparation was indispensable in improving preparation of RIC’s teacher candidates.