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Educate Texas | Opportunity Youth Toolkit

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Educate Texas, a division of the Communities Foundation of Texas, wanted to centralize resources and tools for opportunity youth. Opportunity Youth are 16-24 year-olds who are not plugged in to school or work.
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Blue Seats Consulting synthesized, interpreted, and developed a toolkit of resources and findings for a Texas-based audience. Connie’s team helped Educate Texas leverage the resources to share with nonprofit, university and K-12 partners who can help these young people connect with people to develop a vision and plan for their futures.
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The toolkit was released to practitioners, educators, and funders across Texas in partnership with project sponsors that included the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and JPMorgan Chase. Those directly serving young people have a new resource to help focus their efforts.
The Best Part of Our Work

The Best Part

These young people have not been well-served by school or programs; sharing lessons from urban and rural settings to help connect these young people means brighter futures for individuals and their communities.
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The Blue Seats Consulting team produced an exceptionally written and designed toolkit for us on a tight timeline and budget. The professionalism, creativity, and efficiency of this team is impressive and exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the approach they took to meet our goals and make this a useful product.