DeLano Ford is a dear colleague of mine from my Broad Residency network, and he’s recently taken over as Executive Director of Teach for America in Metro Atlanta. He asked me to help him interpret the feedback from his first one hundred days of listening to Corps Members, staff, funders, parents, district partners, and other colleagues about the current state of his organization. My goal is to help him make sense, and then to take action, with the information he’s learned about his organization.

This is an ideal opportunity for me to help my friend push his organization to think limitlessly, to vision impact beyond any current structure, and to explore the question of “What does TFA mean for students and communities?” DeLano is a leader who wants to change the conversation about education reform, about equity, and about a great education for all students in Atlanta. His appetite for this ambition is best expressed by his statement to me: “If we end up in a safe, predictable place, we are wasting an opportunity.”

We’re taking his feedback and turning it into problem statements to go from “What’s possible?” to “We will.” It’s work I love, with an organization leader who’s a dreamer and a doer, consummately professional but also incredibly joyous, and with a team who can impact thousands of students each year. He’s a leader I love working with, and I’m eager to help his team change the game for TFA-Atlanta.