Services_Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process translates a problem into a plan. Through researching issues, facilitating skillfully, conducting research and analysis, setting interim targets, and pursuing active partnerships, the Blue Seats Consulting team can help your team understand, prioritize, and act on the challenges that they face.

Services_Org Analysis


Organizational Analysis

When the Blue Seats team conducts an organizational analysis, team leaders get help in diagnosing management challenges, generating options, prioritizing the most impactful ideas, making things happen, motivating teams, and measuring outcomes to move teams to high performance.

Services_Grant Writing


Grant Writing

Many change projects in education happen via external funding. The Blue Seats team has years of experience and millions of grant dollars secured, with desired outcomes identified, pursued, and delivered.

Employee Search

Finding the right person to lead or support a team is time-intensive, complex, and essential. The Blue Seats team can hone your job description, post in traditional and non-traditional places, and screen candidates with experience and diversity to help your team accelerate performance.


Blue Seats_Services_EventEvent Planning

Technology can connect us, but coming together in person can transform us. The Blue Seats team has designed and run convenings from 10 to 75 people to share challenges and best practices, create meaningful connections, and transform teams to be high-performing.