Common Approaches to New Standards

Connie Casson of Blue Seats worked with The Broad Center for the Improvement of School Systems to share ideas and challenges about implementation of the Common Core State Standards. More than fifty people from around the country went to Tennessee to learn how the host state’s Department of Education and Achievement School District organized & implemented the many elements of the standards update.

Right People on the Bus

Organizational analysis, prioritization, and strategic planning at Denver Public Schools. An innovative department at Denver Public Schools experienced many measures of success, but had started to experience high turnover and diminished employee satisfaction. An analysis of organizational structure and norms identified several issues that included things as lofty as the re-definition of the department vision, and as down-to-earth as reviewing meeting structures. Connie facilitated the department leaders to prioritize key programs to address these needs, as well as identifying metrics to measure progress over time.

Vision into Reality

Carmita Vaughan is a former Broad Residency colleague of Connie’s who sought help in articulating her vision to develop a fellowship to accelerate the leadership capacity of education leaders of color. Connie worked with Carmita and her advisors to write a business plan and create a pitch deck, with which Carmita is plying her network to make connections and raise money to make her dream of the Surge Fellowship a reality.