– 2/24/14

The first project for Blue Seats Consulting (formerly known as Connie Casson, Sole Proprietor) was to create & run a conference on the Common Core State Standards for ~60 members of The Broad Center network. It was held in November 2013, and the Tennessee Department of Education collaborated in countless ways, leading to our decision to hold the conference in Nashville. To make sure we didn’t leave it all there, I collaborated with Savinay Chandrasekhar, a former DPS colleague and now the founder of focusEDesign, to write a white paper about our convening.

In January, we published our white paper to share what we learned. Through synopses of the sessions, inventories of resources, and an index of Common Core implementation approaches from districts, CMOs, and state departments of education, we provide a great starter set for those getting into Common Core. For those more experienced in the work, the accompanying website offers presentation materials and contact information for speakers and influencers. The information won’t be relevant forever, but the resource catalog approach has been called a standard for managing information from events like the conference.

The paper can be accessed here, and you can contact Connie at Connie@BlueSeatsConsulting.com to learn more about Common Core and the implementation approaches shared in Nashville in November 2013