– 3/25/14

On a visit to Denver last month, I stopped in to see some friends at Denver Public Schools and found a colleague overwhelmed. His department is understaffed which leads him to doing the work, which prevented him from running thorough, effective searches for two key roles.

I love that stuff. I love writing an interesting and accurate job description, putting it in places where people who weren’t looking will look, and having conversations with people with diverse backgrounds who want to make things better and are exploring how they can use their talents in public education.

I have a not 100% but damn good track record at finding people who come from different walks of life but who can contribute at a high level, and lead, in districts. Talking to these people is sometimes odd (Thank you, Mr. Nosebleed!) but often wonderful (really, thank you, Mrs. Fitz). Coaching them as they apply cross-industry experience means another person is hooked on the education field and positioned to do good work.

Through a short project, I’m getting to have conversations with those who have wandered yet are not lost, find the team some great candidates, help them figure out who’s a good fit for them, and who can contribute and will lead. I’m not done yet, but I’m thankful to help my friend and his team.