For the last four or five years, hundreds of talented, committed people have been working on redesigning & implementing feedback and evaluation systems for teachers. Many systems are providing teachers feedback on observed lessons, and teachers are connecting that feedback to specific plans to improve.

Will this really change the game for students? What will it look like when it works? How will teachers describe the systems that measure their effectiveness?

Those are some of the questions we’re planning to discuss in the Broad Center convening on teacher effectiveness in Denver next week. I’m been entrusted with planning this salon for 40-ish people, and instead of technical assistance of weights and measures, we’ll be talking about what it will feel like to teachers. We’ll be discussing ways to get families engaged at an appropriate level. We’ll create our most ambitious description of success, and map our opportunities & barriers to achieving success of that magnitude. And we have some of the best thinkers in the country there to help us do it.

I’m excited to be there, and to be a part of those discussions.