– 3/24/14

I recently completed a business plan and pitch deck for my friend Carmita Vaughan as she seeks to launch a fellowship program for emerging leaders of color in education. I was happy to help my (amazing, beautiful, confident, wicked smart) friend, fortunate to do the work I love in translating dreams into three-year plans with budgets and hiring strategies, and thrilled to use my talents and experience in helping develop more needed leaders in the education industry.

At many turns, I have bemoaned that I have few visions that I want to realize myself. Yet at other turns, I have realized the value of skills in working up from a plan to articulate a vision, or vice versa. With presentation in hand and business plan for back-up, Carmita is ready to tell her own story, to engage partners in finding people and funds to kickstart her effort, and to make her dream a reality. I’m proud that Blue Seats Consulting has been a partner in this work.